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Why do promotional products work?

There is an excellent reason why promotional gifts are considered one of the earliest advertising techniques and why they are still around.

Take a look around your office and you will see branded pens and other promo products that you have received and use!

What is a promotional item?

Promotional items are usually free items that carry a company's name, logo, slogan, or tagline. Many people think of promotional items as pens, T-shirts, calendars or magnets. Other items such as water bottles, tote bags, notepads or umbrellas are fantastic examples. More and more companies are moving towards eco friendly gift ideas and ordering reusable tote bags, water bottles and avoiding the single use items of days gone by.

But remember - Almost anything you can imagine can become a promotional item! If it has space for a logo and can be printed on - It can work!

It is only your imagination that can stop you from thinking up a way or item that you can use to help brand you and your business.

If used strategically, promotional products can be combined with new forms of advertising to be even more effective.

Why do customers like promotional products?

Let us now explore why promotional items remain popular with customers centuries after their introduction.

The Gift Of Giving

Marketers have long used the help of psychologists to understand their customers better. The principle of reciprocity is an important idea that explains why promotional products work.

In the case of promotional products, this senario can happen in two different ways. A well thought out item that is branded with your details is a "gift" that you can give to get your name more widely seen OR it can be a gift that your loyal customers receive and makes them feel valuable. When thinking about promotional products - Using a personalised company like JMR Promo can help you come up with strategy if you are needing promo give away items or if you are going down the route of a corporate gift and using it as a customer retention strategy

The feeling of loyalty

Giving away products also works for your employees. You can give them these promotional gifts at your company events or parties. The employees go home with work branded gifts or goodie bags. Some of these items might be golf umbrellas at a golf day or branded drink bottles and hats at sporting event or branded jackets or printed polo shirts if you are back doing conferences or team building trips. They can also help remind employees how much fun they had during that event. Every time they use the company branded item, it encourages a greater sense of loyalty to your company.

Impressions and views

On average, a promotional item is kept for around five months, generating about 1,000 impressions per month. However, the more valuable the article, the longer it will be retained and the more impressions it will create. The most valuable items are bags, clothing and travel mugs. Lets chat so we can show you the latest range of these items.

Why it pays to invest in promotional items

It may initially seem daunting when you see on your balance sheet that you are giving away promotional items. However, when these marketing products are no longer used, they have a return on investment of more than 1:1.

Improving brand awareness

If you want to attract new customers, you need to ensure they know your brand and what you offer. The items you distribute will help your customers remember you and your offer in the long term.

If you select (and this is where we can help you) the right product. The item you have branded and your name will be remembered for a long time. It will serve as a constant reminder of your business.

Cheap, everyday exposure

Other forms of advertising only remain in the viewer's field of vision for a few seconds. Functional promotional items remain in the field of view most of the time. A fashionable T-shirt stays in the recipient's wardrobe for years. And thousands of people will have seen your brand over the years when he has worn it.

A USB stick on a keyring reminds the recipient of your company every time they use it. Think of these items as years of advertising.

Better than a business card

Every business owner is familiar with business cards. You know that they are helpful tools for introducing yourself and your company to potential customers. You will be blown away to know that promotional items do the same, but with even better results. Nearly three-quarters of people who receive a promotional item can remember the name of the company they received it from. This is not always true when a business card is given as a gift. If the item contains your information, such as your logo, slogan or contact information, it can be much more helpful than a business card.

When promotional items work

Offering a promotional item is often more than just giving away a product. Other advantages are:

  • It is easier to ask for something in return for your promotional gifts.

  • You can better target your promotional gifts.

  • Finally, you can use these promotional gifts to increase your audience.

Companies benefit most from promotional products when they are used as lead magnets. In this case, you give your customers something in exchange for more information about them. Most of the time, this translates into signing up for your mailing list. Now you have another opportunity to make them like your company, your products and your services.

Promotional products make good social media giveaways.

Contest-type giveaways can be used in exchange for social media sharing or tags.

This is a strategy that many companies are already using.

Promotional items make an impact.

Promotional items influence the recipient and the people in your networks. This can give your business the social boost it needs to differentiate itself from competitors.

They can also be an essential trigger for WOM marketing.

While other marketing strategies exist, promotional products are not going away anytime soon. Lets chat! We can help you come up with a well thought out plan of what promotional items are going to best suit your budget and customer demographic so your promo gifts really hit the spot!

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