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How should I brand my uniforms?

Updated: Aug 6

How best to brand your uniforms is dependent on a few things. Firstly, what type of uniform are you buying, and how many colour variations are in your logo?

If you are a business wearing professional shirts, embroidery is the option here. While sitting nicely on cotton fabrics, the look is sleek, and professional. Embroidery offers a great solution while having no minimum orders, embroidery does come with a once off setup fee of $55. This does not have to be paid for future orders.

Custom Uniforms are Professional

If you are looking for a hard wearing economical option, High Resolution Digital Transfer is your go to. This is full colour, can print across any colour variation (gradients, metalics and multicolours) while giving you a vibrant look to your logo, this form of branding is todays solution to low quantity, full colour branding. Hard wearing so that even your dryers wont move this branding. Economical so that you can brand your uniforms on the front and the back, while not breaking the bank! Only downside is the minimum garment quantity is 10.

For those of us with a simple logo, requiring three colours or less, the other option is Heatpress. This has no minimums and no setup fees. A great product for those of us who wants minimal fuss, and a quick turnaround time. Done in house, we can deliver to you within 5 working days (depending on supplier).

For our clients who has high quantities (50+ garments). Screenprinting is both economical and a great investment. There is a setup fee per colour per position so this type of branding is only economical if you have a higher quantity. Our screenprinters have been in business for 30 plus years so their quality is guaranteed. As us now for a quote.

Whether it be low quantities, full colour, or a sleek professional look you are after, we have the solution for you. Give us a ring, or email sales@jmrpromo.com.au .

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