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Are you a Cotton person or a Polyester person?

Updated: Aug 6

In most cases we spend more time in our work polo shirts than we do in our personally chosen casual wear. So choosing well is really important. One question to ask yourself is are you a cotton or a polyester person. Polyester is known under a whole pleather of names, from Biz Cool (Biz Collection), Podium Cool (JBs Wear), Breathable Mesh (Winning Spirit), Bamboo (Winning Spirit) and the list goes on. Essentially they are all made from a synthetic material, in some cases, recycled synthetic. Heres the pros and cons of each product:



* Lighter in weight (gsm)

* More colour selections

* Easy care, wash and wear, quick dry

* Antibacterial properties

* Colour does not fade over time


* Can have a silky feeling that many people dont like

* There is a time limit to the antibacterial properties

* Do not put through dryer



* Heavier in weight (gsm)

* Sits really well on

* Has a comfortable "worn in" feeling over time

* Always looks smart and professional


* Needs ironing

* Colour fades overtime

* May shrink in dryer

* Not wash and wear

Once you have weighed up all the pros and cons its really a personal preference to the feel, cut and comfort you are wanting from your uniform.

The solution maybe a blend material, there are some, but in limited colour selection, Poly/Cotton blends and these give you the best of both worlds. Biz Collection has the best selection of these from their new Shadow Polo which features a sleek knitted flat collar, and has a soft-feel cross dyed tonal fine stripe pattern. This will not disappoint those looking for that modern sleek professional look.

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